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St. Mary School is closed on January 22, 2019 due to the cold weather.

Instructing a Science Class

Each teacher has a "wish list" for their classroom; ask your teacher what he or she may need.

Faculty & Staff

St. Mary School is accredited by the

Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association.

All teachers are licensed through Ohio Department of Education.

Grade   Teacher Name   Email Address


School Secretary/6th Grade Religion


Mrs. Fischer

Mrs. Bunnenberg

Preschool   Mrs. Haynes
Kindergarten   Miss Bailey
First   Miss Swartz
Second   Mrs. Miller
Third   Mrs. Eash

Fourth   Ms. Campbell
Fifth   Mrs. Weakland

Sixth Grade Homeroom

5-6 Math, Advanced 7th Grade Math, Alegebra 1

  Mrs. Cole

8th Grade Homeroom

7/8 Language Arts,7/8 Social, 7th & 8th Grade Health

  Mr. Campbell

7th Grade Homeroom

5-8 Science

  Mrs. Capper
Physical Education   Mrs. McIntire

Technology Coordinator

  Sister Kathy Longheier, SND
Librarian   Lisa Channell
7/8 Math and K-8 Art and Music   Mrs. Landis

Guidance Counselor

Title 1 Teacher

Intervention Specialist


Mr. Young

Mrs. Bradley

Mr. Childers

School Policy for Background Checks for teaching and non-teaching volunteers and volunteers in direct contact with students can be found here.


Sites for Differentiation