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Raising Hands in Class

Walking Outside


Encouraging family participation is an important part of the St. Mary Campus philosophy. Your children love to see their loved ones involved in school activities, and the PTO (home and family) always needs volunteers. However, we know that the time commitment is sometimes difficult to manage. We offer many ways for you to help such as Friday evening Fish Fries during Lent, being a room parent, helping out at bingo once per month, or many other activities.

Each family must volunteer at least 20 hours per school year, but there are a lot of great ways to accomplish this.  Attending PTO meetings is just one of them!

The Volunteer Hours Log Sheet can be found here.

Contact the school office for more information about Getting Involved!

St. Mary School PTO Officers

President: Andrea Scassa

Vice President: Carrie Competty

Secretary: Keeley Kandle

Treasurer: Allison Vincente